Wipro decides to extend Work from Home till April 2021

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Amid the pandemic, majorly everyone is working from home since March 2020. A few of the companies have opened up the premises with limited employees but most of the firms are extending the work from the home period. One of the companies is Wipro that has extended this period till 4th April 2021.

There are a majority of companies that are following a similar path and maintaining social distancing while working from home. As per Wipro, 98% of total employees are already working from home for safety.

Apart from Wipro, TCS and Infosys are also offering work from home till March and yet to decide on the extensions. Alphabet Inc’s Google has decided on a flexible workspace till September 2021 so that employees can work from home safely while maintaining social distancing.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, states that they are bringing up the idea of a flexible workweek for the employees once they start the office. In this plan, the employees will work from the office for three days per week whereas for the remaining days they will follow work from home.it is mainly done to make collaboration easier, boost productivity, and for the well-being of employees.

When the pandemic started, Google was the first tech giant that announced work from home. Even earlier, the giant extended the date from January to July.

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