World Youth Skills Day: 5 IT projects for freshers

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World Youth Day is on July 15 and what can be a better day to inspire students than this. The students and graduates need to have a basic understanding and practical skills in software development. However, what projects can you start with can be the biggest question for the developers. To help you out, here are some of the projects that graduates can start with.

1. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps can be a plus for the coders that want to see their future in the IT industry. Basic applications like transferring data, navigating from web pages, etc. can keep on adding to your skills and from there you can move to the advanced applications.

2. Robot Building

There is no need to start with a project to develop a big robot but start with a smaller project. In the future, skilled robotics experts will be an in-demand job opportunity for the market. Hence, it is best to build a smaller robot and get an idea about what it will be all about.

3. API Development

This can be a great add-on to the skills of the coders or the one pursuing to be one. The coders can work on the third-party applications and API development that can be used in the software or applications.

4. Video Game Development

Amid the pandemic, games have come out as the major mode of entertainment for everyone. Hence, it is best to get hands into game development that professionals can explore and develop skills around.

5. AI Development

The developers can work on the Artificial Intelligence development strategies that can be an advantage for the developers. They can get an understanding of AI Development and know how to move with the technology that will thrive in the coming world.

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