#WorldEnvironmentDay: How to create a green and eco-friendly workspace at home

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us adapted to the working from home environment and some of the organisations have allowed it permanently. With most of us being adjusted to this new normal, we need a good work environment too. However, creating a good, green and eco-friendly workspace is a little tricky and typically it is a long-term process.

Whether your home office has a dedicated space or not, or has your desk set up between rooms, there is always a solution to make it eco-friendly and to make it greener. So to help you with that, we have some simple tips to make your home office more environment friendly, and how you can practice sustainable working habits.

1. Position your desk near natural light

This will be easier if you have an empty space near natural light. Also, if you have a larger window, you can try to keep your desk in front of them so you can let sunlight illuminate your workstation. Doing this will also initiate in saving electricity and reduce your energy consumption.

2. Choose eco friendly furniture

Another step you can take is by choosing eco-friendly furniture such as flooring and wooden furniture, bamboo is a great sustainable choice. However Regular wood is renewable, but the question here arises is why bamboo? Because bamboo grows fast and repopulates much quicker than wood. Not only this you also experiment with bamboo as it is available in varieties and colors.

3. Cut down on paper usage

We cannot deny the fact that we all are very well digitally equipped. We have phones, laptops, sytemas, tablets and other sources where we can have digital notes saved for us. This automatically restricts the use of paper. While creating a healthy eco-friendly workspace at home, we can remove any unnecessary paper from work routine, we can make notes electronically or use scrap paper. And we don’t have to tell you that you should be recycling your used paper!

4. Add plants near you desk

This one will make your home office green and they are pretty to look at. Not only are they going to look beautiful but they’re also a brilliant way to improve your air quality. You can add plants like orchids and succulents even absorb carbon dioxide to convert and release it as oxygen. In the end they can even help to reduce stress and create a peaceful environment.

5. Replace plastic with glass or ceramics

This is easier and do not require much effort, simply we can go for pencils or ink pens for daily use and replace plastic water bottles with copper ones. This is not only environmentally friendly, but they also have health benefits as well.

6. Turn your walls green

Painting walls green invokes balance and growth and helps to connect you to nature and this also boosts concentration and aids creativity, making it a great choice for productivity.

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