#Yearend2020: CHROS talk about how they cruised through the ‘new normal’

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As we bid adieu to one of the most difficult and disruptive years of this millennium, its important to imbibe a few critical learnings as we step into the new year. It’s been a year of learnings and reinvention as professionals and as corporates too.

This year uprooted some old age practices and set some new ground rules for the businesses to operate.

One of the greatest learnings for organisations have been that the physical presence of employees is just the psychological need and being agile and flexible is the key to survival.

On the professional front it made us realise that the entire world can be our workplace and there is constant need to upskill and reskill oneself to stay ahead of the competition.

Here we have top CHROS talking about how they cruised through the ‘new normal’ in 2020:

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