Zivame’s Head – Human Resources put some light on the challenges faced by the HRs amid the pandemic

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Undoubtedly, the pandemic has altered the way companies used to hire the employees. Now, the companies are just not looking for experience and knowledge but have included several major aspects to it like upskilling. Along with this, in 2020, HRs were introduced with several new software to streamline their work process. With so many things in mind, it is best to know what our market leaders think to guide the professionals towards a better future.

TimesJobs invited S
iddharth Vishwanath, Head – Human Resource, Zivame to discuss ‘The challenges HR faced amid the pandemic’ in a High Tea Live Chat Session from 3-4 PM on 10th Feb 2021.

Highlight of the chat:

Shreya: Will the role of HR is decreased due to rapid advancement in technology? If so, then what would be the HR roles which will be affected?

Mr Siddharth: I don’t see the role of HR reducing any time in the future. Yes, HR is being enabled to be more efficient and productive, make more data-driven decisions due to advancements in technology. But are these reducing the number of quality core HR roles in the industry? I would doubt that. If anything, Id thinks that due to the new career paths created due to the advent of data, analytics and technology in HR, there should be more choices for HR folks to take than ever before. Large organizations with extremely large operations will surely find some efficiencies in operating with technology. However, the belly of the industry may not see a negative impact on jobs due to technology in HR. Good talent is always in demand, Shreya. All the very best!

Rudra: Hi, Rudra this side, I want to change my field from sales to HR. Is this the right time to do so?

Mr Siddharth: Hi Rudra. Knowing the core operations of any business, especially a customer-facing one can be a definite advantage in a role like HR. You can use the real-world knowledge of business to hire the right talent, inform key policy matters and even ground HR decisions more in the realities of business. Start by looking at HR roles that work closely with business on the ground. Those are the ones that might be most receptive to see your experience as an additive than to see it as starting from scratch. HR can ALWAYS use more business experience. I wish you good luck!

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